About the Company

The Success of Source Capture

Recognizing the need to provide effective ventilation of the fumes, heat, and odors produced by ceramic kilns in studios and classrooms, Vent-A-Kiln Corporation was established in 1982. With our pioneer concept of a canopy-hood, source-capture method, we produced the first commercially-available kiln ventilation system. Today, thousands of standard and custom Vent-A-Kiln systems are helping to ensure the safety and comfort of workers and students alike.

We soon took the source-capture concept further by developing Vent-A-Fume to ventilate process emissions in the industrial field. Our in-place and mobile fume exhausters enable metalworkers and manufacturers to ventilate fumes from welding and soldering as well as contend with unwanted vapors from chemical vats and other sources of potential indoor air contamination.

Our latest foray is into the encaustic arts medium, where our table-mounted fume extractor has been modified to ventilate the fumes and odors produced by melting pigmented wax to create encaustic monotypes.

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