Kiln Ventilation Fume Hoods & Mounting Supports

Conical Shaped Aluminum Spun Hoods

Part No. Dimensions Price
27A 27-in. Round, 5-in. Depth $208.00
32A 32-in. Round, 6-in. Depth $238.00
37A 37-in. Round, 7-1/4-in. Depth $258.00
44A 44-in. Round, 7-1/4-in. Depth $388.00
54A 54-in. Round, 12-in. Depth $659.00
Top hole.


Hanging Bracket with Hood Collar (HB-HC)

Part No. Price
5-in. HB-HC $57.00
6-in. HB-HC $59.00
8-in. HB-HC $69.00
Used on negative-pressure systems to attach the hood to the stainless steel hanging cable. (Shown installed on a Vent-A-Kiln hood.)


F.E. Hood Support Plate

FE model fume extractor hoods attach to the F.E. Hood Support Plate. The Hood Support Plate firmly holds the collection hood in place while orienting it down toward the collection area at an approximate 30 degree angle.

Part No. Price
FE-Hood 8″-6″ $59.00
FE-Hood 10″-8″ $69.00
F.E. Hood Support Plate



Flexible Gooseneck Hood Support

Part No. Description Length Price
FECB20 Gooseneck with Clamp Base 20-in. $119.00
FEMB20 Gooseneck with Magnetic Base 20-in. $119.00
20-inch flexible gooseneck arm with clamp base mount.
20-inch flexible gooseneck arm with magnetic base mount.





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