Blowers (Motors) and Mounting Supports

Negative Pressure Blower

Negative Pressure Blowers are attached to a wall bracket and then mounted to a vertical surface such as a wall or vertical beam.

Part No.Capacity (Cubic Feet/Minute)Price
P-10C2BP500 CFM$425.00
P-28FBP800 CFM$756.00
P-20FBP1200 CFM$999.00


Negative Pressure Blower


Wall Bracket (WB)

Part No.Use with Blower Model (Capacity)Price
WB-SP10/11BP (500 CFM/265 CFM)$99.00
WB-LP20BP (800 CFM) or P28BP (1200 CFM)$109.00


Large (left) and small (right) Wall Brackets for negative pressure blower mounting.


Hazardous-duty Blower

Part No.Capacity (Cubic Feet/Minute)Price
HAZ500CFM500 CFM$1,529.00


Single-phase; includes mounting bracket.


Power Cords

Part No.Price
6′ Power Cord$35.00
10′ Power Cord$45.00
15′ Power Cord$55.00

UL-listed and compatible with Vent-A-Kiln Blower @$35.00.

6-ft. Power Cord

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