Source-Capture Ventilation for Jewelry & Glassmaking Kilns

Though small in stature, table-top kilns for jewelry and glassmaking can produce a sizeable amount of undesirable fumes, heat, and odors during the firing process.

Performance-proved for more than 35 years, the Vent-A-Kiln ventilation system is still the most effective method for capturing and removing exhaust from kilns.

1 year warranty

Our specially-designed table-mounted unit works equally well for front-loading as well as top-loading kilns. Lowered or moved over the kiln, the Stainless Steel hood is all-encompassing to capture kiln exhaust at its source. The blower system removes and expels the unwanted fumes into your ductwork or to the outdoors.

Whether operating a studio, teaching classes, or supplying jewelry or glass to other businesses, with Vent-A-Kiln, you can be assured of a safer, more comfortable working environment.

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Heat and Facts Rise to the Top!

Which is the most effective type of system for ventilating fumes and excess heat from kilns?

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