Custom & Special-Duty Ventilation Systems

Standard Vent-A-Fume and Vent-A-Kiln models are designed and built for the most common applications based on our company’s vast experience in source-capture ventilation of heat and fumes.

When your specific application requires special features, materials of construction, or components with different ratings, we can customize any of our standard models – or develop a proprietary solution for you.

Typical Modifications

  • Hood sizes
  • Materials of construction including Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, Polypropylene, PVC, or others as needed
  • Blower (motor) sizes and capacities
  • Types of blowers including Cast Aluminum, Hazardous-Duty Aluminum, Polypropylene, or Hazardous-Duty Polypropylene
  • Mounting options
  • Other – contact us with your requirements

Special-duty Ventilation Systems

Standard systems are designed for normal operating conditions in schools, studios, and industrial plants and facilities. By using different materials and components, our standard systems are easily modified to operate under hazardous-duty conditions or in corrosive environments.

Hazardous-duty Models

Systems can be constructed from Polypropylene for operation where hazardous conditions exist or there is a specific need for a hazardous-duty blower.

Corrosion-resistant Models

Systems can be constructed from PVC or Stainless Steel to provide corrosion resistance in environment where excess moisture or corrosive chemicals are present.


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