Source-Capture Ventilation for Dental Burnout Ovens

1 year warranty

Product quality and operating efficiency are critical to the success and profitability of dental labs. That is why your facility is equipped with high-tech burnout ovens (also called dental ceramic furnaces).

Despite their sophistication, high-temperature dental burnout ovens produce undesirable fumes, heat, and odors when processing ceramic restorations. This can interfere with the comfort and safety of your working environment, which puts a crimp on smooth running of your lab.

Performance-proved for more than 35 years, the Vent-A-Fume ventilation system is still the most effective method for capturing and removing exhaust from dental burnout ovens.

Our specially-designed table-mounted unit is ideal for use with a variety of different sizes or shapes of ovens. Easily positioned over the kiln, the Stainless Steel hood is all-encompassing to capture fumes at their source. The blower system removes and expels the unwanted fumes into your ductwork or to the outdoors.

Ensure a safer, more comfortable, more efficient working environment with Vent-A-Fume.

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