Safety Screens to Protect Workers and Students

Free Standing • Portable • Modular • Expandable

Safety Screens can help provide “peace of mind” when a kiln is firing in a classroom or studio. The outer surface of a kiln during firing can exceed 400˚F (204˚C), which can cause severe injury if accidentally touched. To alert students, children, and others to be careful when near a kiln, each panel on Safety Screens for kilns is imprinted in bright safety yellow: CAUTION – KILN IN OPERATION.

  • Ideal for classrooms, ceramic studios, and in commercial, industrial, or institutional facilities where you need to keep unauthorized personnel out of a restricted work area.
  • Made with flame-retardant canvas secured to 1/2-in. round steel tubing that is galvanized for corrosion resistance.
  • Panels measure 2-ft. wide by 3-ft. high.
  • Easy to assemble – click here for instructions.
Model No.DescriptionPrice
11-KS11-Panel Safety Screen$78.00
11-KS22-Panel Safety Screen$151.00
11-KS33-Panel Safety Screen$224.00
11-KS44-Panel Safety Screen$297.00
Our Safety Screens can be used for proper signage and barriers in any restricted zone, regardless of whether it is a source of heat and fumes.
1-Panel Safety Screens (complete with attaching hardware) attach to our 3-Panel Safety Screens to create a 4-Panel Safety Screen.

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