Kiln Exhaust Components

Flex Hose


Part No. Size Price
FE-6” Hose Per Foot $6.50
FE612 6-in. x 12-ft. $79.00
FE-8” Hose Per Foot $8.50
FE812 8-in. x 12-ft. hose $99.00
Gray fume extractor hose with two (2) 6-inch worm clamps.


Stainless Steel Hose Clamps

Part No./Size Price
6-in. S/S Clamp $4.00 each
8-in. S/S Clamp $6.00 each
Worm gear style.

Aluminum Tailpipe

Diameter Price
5-in. Tailpipe $16.00
6-in.Tailpipe $18.00
8-in.Tailpipe $19.99
Insert through hole in wall or window to attach hose and outside louver cap. 11-inch length.



Outside Louvered Cap

Attaches to the outside of building. Includes screen covering and 3 flaps.

Part No./Size Price
5-in. Louver $16.00
6-in.Louver $18.00
8-in.Louver $19.99
Outside Louvered Cap

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