Fan Speed Controller

Energy Saving • Easy to Use • Enhances Safety 

Our adjustable fan speed controller automatically protects against fan motor/blower burnout. Featuring an energy-efficient design, it enables you to control the speed and noise level of your fan during kiln operation to exhaust fumes, heat, and odors from the room. It is ideal for electric kilns, electric ovens, and small electric furnaces.

Operating Features

  • Easy to use–select the desired fan speed (Low, Medium, High) for the blower to remove undesirable fumes, heat, and odors from the room.
  • Energy saving–adjust the speed of your kiln ventilation motor/blower to your system’s requirement.
  • Unobtrusive–simple, compact box design is “out of the way” and helps keep cords tangle-free, away from the heated kiln in operation.
  • Safety–automatically protects against fan motor burnout.
  • Designed for fans with a maximum load of 3 amps, 350 W, 120 AC.
  • Plugs into any standard 120 AC electrical outlet.
  • Maximum operating temperature of 104˚F / 40˚C.
  • Includes easy-to-follow instructions.

Specifications & Pricing

Model NoDimensionsWeightPrice
FC-1153-5/8-in. x 2-1/8-in. x 2-in..8 oz.$69.00


Fan Speed Controller
Designed to control fan speed to your requirements and protect against motor/blower burnout, our compact controller helps keep cords tangle-free and away from the heated kiln.

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